Why Peter's show at your camp?

  • 2015 Entertainer of the Year nominee!
  • SUPER Entertaining show!  60 minutes of non-stop, mind blowing, hilarious magic!
  • Easy to work with.  Great customer service.
  • Peter can bring a sound system if your venue isn't equipped for no additional fee.
  • Self represented.  You always talk to Peter when you call or email.
  • Great for any event
  • Magic workshops.  Learn Magic.  Crazy popular with campers!

The Show

Summer camp is about creating memories that will last a lifetime.  Peter's show will be one of those memories.  Campers become part of the show onstage and from their seats, they will experience original, mind blowing magic and they will be laughing and having a great time throughout the show.  Peter is a yearly tradition at many camps because he adds to the spirit of camp and brings it to a different level that only his show can do.  Be sure to check out his promo video in the videos section and watch his other YouTube performance videos to get a taste of the show he'll bring to your campers.

The Workshop

Peter's workshops are extremely popular with campers.  He loves teaching them because he gets to take campers that know nothing about how to do a magic trick and teach them a few tricks over the hour workshop that they can fool other campers and their parents with when the go home!  Peter started learning magic when he was 11, it was a very powerful experience for him.  A shy kid with very little confidence was learning something that his friends and even adults were in awe over. He likes to think that maybe in one of the workshops he teaches there's a kid that is having that exact same experience, and it will change their life like it did his.

The workshops are one hour long and up to 20 campers.  Peter brings all the materials needed.  It is popular to have 3-4 workshops during the day, then have the show after dinner for the entire camp.  Peter taught some great magic tricks on the hit YouTube show called Scam School, check out those episodes in the videos section to get a glimpse at some of the trick he may teach your campers.