Conjuring at the Colony Tickets on Sale

Conjuring at the Colony kicks off it’s 3rd season at the Colony Hotel 140 Ocean Ave in Kennebunkport Maine this summer. Thursdays July 11th - August 8th. The show is changing drastically this year. Due to Peter’s busy schedule there will only be 5 shows this season. Also there will be less tickets available for each show to insure a more intimate experience. So get your tickets early! The show is being extended to 90 minutes, featuring a brand new close up portion of the show.


Brand New Summoning Spirits Video

Check out this creepy new promo video for Peter’s hit show Summoning Spirits! Try not to scream!

Impression Vanish Release Day!

Peter’s amazing magic creation called the Impression Vanish is now for sale from your favorite magic shop! This effect has fooled some of the best minds in magic. Full time pros, magic creators and enthusiasts are raving about this! The Impression Vanish is a super clean, practical, and complete vanish of a borrowed penny. Watch the video to see for yourself!