23 Halloween Event Ideas

I love Halloween season! The costumes, the candy, the fake blood. Nothing is better. It’s one of the best times for campus programming too, you can do SO much with the Halloween theme. I think a great idea is to promote a large event with smaller events. Most campuses have a big Halloween dance. You have the whole week leading up to the dance to to promote with smaller events, or you can even use the whole month to promote with smaller events. Here are some event ideas for the Halloween season that can be used to promote your big dance at the end of the month!

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Halloween Dance

This is the big one you are leading up to. Come up with a cool name for the dance if you haven’t already. Dance of the Damned is pretty popular and good, I love alliteration:) Try to work in your school name or mascot into the title, it’ll be more specific and then no other school will have the same name as you.

Costume Contest

I think this is a must at your dance. It encourages people to come in costume but also to be creative with their costume. Have a really great prize for the best costume too. That doesn’t mean you have to spend tons of money for it, maybe it’s a $100 gift card to the pizza place or coffee shop everyone loves. I also highly recommend having a digital way to vote. Post the poll on your Facebook page, or twitter account, or have a way they can text their vote in. This will build up the contest like it’s a huge deal (which it is). Also you will get more followers on your social media by directing students to the poll on the social page of the activities board.

Halloween Bingo

Take regular bingo and theme it to Halloween. Get or print bingo cards with zombies, ghosts, or other halloween stylings. Have every prize relate to Halloween like DVDs of scary movies, a halloween costume, special effects makeup, a halloween decoration for their room. Oh did I mention candy? See if you can buy the big huge candy bars for a more unique approach. I just did a search on Amazon for huge candy bars and found a bunch of them!

Build a Cardboard Costume

The week leading up to the big dance and costume contest try having an all day event in a high traffic area where people get to make their own costumes out of card board boxes. Why card board boxes? Because it’s interesting and by limiting peoples decisions you will force creativity, and the idea is very out of the box (<- see what I did there:). By making it more interesting and specific by using cardboard boxes it will boost curiosity about the event. You can go to local appliance stores and grocery stores to get boxes for free. Don’t forget a ton of hot glue, glue guns, scissors and colored markers!

Zombie Laser Tag

This is a simple idea, but tons of fun. Hire a novelty company to come in with laser tag and call it The Zombie Apocalypse. For every game one team is the Zombies and the other team is the humans. You could have zombie costumes for the zombie team if you want to get really into it. Keep a running total of wins and loses and announce at the end of the event and on social media if the zombies took over the world or if the humans prevailed.

Zombie Ultimate Frisbee

Here’s an idea like the laser tag but cheaper! One team is the zombies, one is the humans and they ultimate frisbee to the death! Definitely a good idea to have zombie costumes for team zombie… or at least get some fake blood for their mouth and arms!

Murder Mystery Party

Someone was murdered in the study with a candle stick! But who is the culprit?? Doing a murder mystery party on campus sounds like so much fun! Also it give you a lot of ways to be as creative as you want with with theming, decorations and food. There are tons of ready made murder mysteries for you too. Just google “murder mystery home party” and you can buy great games for about $40. But remember the game gets better the when people really get into it with costumes and acting out their characters. How well the room is decorated will affect how much the players get into it, you want people feel like they are IN the story!

There are a million more ideas out there for Halloween events, here are a few more to get the creative juices flowing:

Dorm decorating contest, make a haunted house, scary movie night, trick or treating on campus, creepy carnival, Halloween themed food, zombie 5k fun run, pumpkin carving, bobbing for apples, ghost hunting, hire a special effects make up person to cause harm to peoples faces, fortune teller, haunted hayride, haunted escape room, fake body part scavenger hunt…Oh did I mention I perform a Halloween themed show click HERE for details about that.